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Isurus KeyChain

Image of Isurus KeyChain


The "Shark" Keychain is the unique and thoughtful gift that works- for Him AND for Her! Do your shopping early and don't miss this amazing deal. Don't forget, that if you're interest in buying in bulk, please contact me directly. (

The Isurus "Shark" Keychain is a self-protection tool of the highest caliber. Easily concealable, lightweight and extremely durable, it fashions itself well - not only a highly practical protection tool - but also as a handsome keychain, parcel opener, window breaker, etc.

The Isurus™ Self-Defense Keychains were designed after the Mako Shark (Genus name: “Isurus”). The keychain measures just at 5 inches long and has a diameter of 0.5 inches. Made of machined aluminum and designed specifically for defense by self-protection specialist, Michael Joyce.

Available in standard Black

(Pink will return sometime in 2014, but in limited supply)

Free Downloadable Manual

Hybrid Fighting Method Testimonial (video)

Informational Page

Official Isurus Trailer

Official Isurus Trialer (version 2)

Disclaimer: The Isurus™ Keychains are to be used for self-defense only! Train smart, stay safe!